Robodock 2010 presents THE FENIX

Robodock 2010 presents THE FENIX
Robodock 2010. It will be different than what you expect of us. Not a festival… but a compact edition in a new form!

Robodock presents THE FENIX: a hypnotising industrial fairytale on the slope of the NDSM wharf. After a century of adventures, the mythological firebird has landed at Robodock. Her nest is drifting on the waves. In a cacophony of overwhelming mechanischal soundscapes, blazing fire sculptures and music from all over the globe, the ancient bird prepares for her last breath.

While she burns in scorching flames, the Fenix sings her enchanting song for the last time. She is accompanied by her own special effects orchestra, the FX Orchestra. Instruments like sirens, blowers, huge water canons, flame throwers and fire organs create an overwhelming soundtrack for her exit. There is much more music: talented up and coming bands, big established names and fresh, international dj’s.

For this edition the slope of the wharf will be the stage for scorching flames, overwhelming mechanical sculptures, magical sounds and robots with an insatiable appetite.