Eddie the Eagle Museum in het poortgebouw van de Tolhuistuin

Eddie the Eagle Museum in het poortgebouw van de Tolhuistuin

— en dit was de opening night! —

Organic art, real time food art, provocative video art, raw neo surf music —

the Eddie the Eagle Museum was Saturday night the epicentre of the Amsterdam hipster culture.

Until 6am a young art minded crowd enjoyed a selection of works of Amsterdam-based artists curated by Sieto Noordhoorn, Arthur van Beek en Aukje Dekker.

This fantastic start upped the stakes for future shows: more young artists would wish to be involved and more curatorial experimentation will be expected.

For now, for sure the Eddie the Eagle Museum put itself and the Open Coop as a location for new hip thing on the Amsterdam art map!


For years, the control room of Shell in Amsterdam-Noord was one of the most highly secured places of the Netherlands. Now we are converting this space into the Eddie the Eagle Museum.

Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards was an anti-hero, a man with unprecedented courage, an adventurer with an excessive nature. These qualities represent the fundamental ideas for a museum where people (big and small) have the space to just like Eddie take an uncontrolled leap into the (cultural) deep. Its a new place in Amsterdam with a slope for known and unknown talent, where art wont be judge on appearance. An ode to the unconventional, the stickler, a tribute to the one who dares to fail.

The museum has a stage and a bar with bulletproof glass. Each month there is a new opening, event or performance. It will be a place where you can experience the art of art, of dancing, drinking and failing. A space where artists will work, recycle and discover, unpretentiously trying to change a world of trial and error.

Deze zaterdag om 21:00 uur:


Burning ACID RAINS and VULCANIC ERUPTIONS shall fertilize and saturate our dreary post-modernistic brain! The EDDIE the EAGLE MUSEUM presents a SOUL SHAKE DOWN PARTY with FEARLESS thinkers speaking out loud, MARTYRLESS artists uncovering exuberant VISUAL chaos, NATIONLESS musicians unfolding SONIC secrets, DANCE with your DEMONS and come celebrate CATASTROPHE.

Work by:

  • Papa Adama – King of Art
  • Nathalie Snel – Nathalie Snel Cinema Collection and explosions
  • Miktor en Molf – Explosive anti-style performance
  • Fedor van der Valk – ‘String Garden’, hovering plantlife
  • Dafna Maimon- Visual Artist shows
  • Eva Thomassen – custommade fashiondesign at the Bric-a-Brac Kiosk
  • Sjim Hendriks – Sjimmies R&R cousine Program & floating crop fields
  • Supercity – music for the afterlife
  • Moonshine Bar – Hardcore liquor that kills your conscious
  • Marc Koolen – Let’ s Kill the Moonshine

Music by:

  • DJ Buttcrack

and more….