Eddie the Eagle Museum – The Restaurant at the End of the Universe – 4 december

Eddie the Eagle Museum – The Restaurant at the End of the Universe – 4 december

Ja, dat Eddie the Eagle Museum… daar gebeurd vanalles en nog wat, lekker vaag.  Wat precies is altijd de vraag, maar deze uitnodiging zat in onze mailbox! En het is wel erg gezellig bij Eddie! Komen dus!

A Place in Space

Where we push back boundaries of pure hyper mathematics. Come rise above earthly thought, dispose of mundane limitation and enter another density. Creation befalls us and forms in a timeless dimension between 8 and 5. We welcome the unearthly dressed in other appearances. Shake your quasar to Plutonium Rock Bands with Sonic Sound Explosions, ellipse your eyes with some Galactic-Gargle-Blaste Art, Bang your senses with Intergalactic Smells and Tastes. “Put your analyst on danger money, baby.”

Eddie the Eagle Museum

Exhibiting and Performing Artist

  • Sachi Miyachi – PiPS:lab’s Keez Duyves – Pinar & Viola – Erik Alkema – Luna Maurer & Roel Wouters
  • Koos Verhoef (Mathematician and Computer Scientist) – Dimitri C. Madimin
  • Restaurant MilliWays (Sjim Hendrix) – Spincake (Marjolijn Stappers) – Kees Koffie Kraakman
  • Monokino band performs live and videoclip release
  • Hungarian Gypsy Band: A Bogarak – DJ. Dimbrowski – DJ Lonely (Jonas Ohlsson) – And Plenty of Hit Djs

4 december from 8.00 pm – 5.00 AM
Tolhuisweg 2 – Amsterdam noord
From CS: take the ferry to buiksloterweg then walk 300 meter

“but before you arrived here, sir, I understand that you left here? “

Eddie the Eagle Museum - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


Kunst van de Koffie
As a coffee lunatic Kees Kraakman has a clear opinion on how coffee should be roasted, produced and taste. He loves and knows everything about coffee and has a desire to share this accumulated wisdom and passion with all. As a roaster and taster Kees travels to countries where coffee is produced like Ethiopia and Panama. He serves coffee without milk and sugar but with an explanation. At The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Kees will show you the art of coffee making as he likes it. This will act as a teaser for his upcoming Sunday-afternoon coffee courses with live bebop in the Eddie The Eagle Museum. Drink coffee, live longer www.keeskraakman.nl

Sjim Hendrix
Sjim Hendrix is an artist who studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam until 2009. For Sjimmie cooking is the highest form of art. This symbiotic relationship informs his decision to work as an culinary independent, creating a unique position for himself as a vocational Michelin master artist cook. He is the chef cook of the Eddie the Eagle Museum and for The Restaurant at the End of the Universe he will delight mini restaurant Milliways with huge plates and microscopic nourishment.

Monokino “Monokino is from a completely different caliber.”
Monokino brings together the artistic visions of 3 musicians from different worlds: George van Wetering (Holland) song writer, lead vocals, guitar; Yu Jin (formerly of Cobra, first all-women rock band in Beijing) on keyboard and synthesizer, and electronic drummer Wouter de Buck (Holland). Monokino has to date released one EP and one album in China where the band is known for its distinct musical identity playing electronic pop music. The sound has been spiced up in a rather kitschy way with a combination of melodious high pitched vocals, static keyboard, rock guitar and electronic/acoustic drum segments. In Holland, China and Germany, Monokino has received both critical and public acclaim for its Indie music. Monokino is signed to Modern Sky, China’s largest independent record label. www.monokino.com
Monokino will release their new video clip directed by Erik Alkema produced by Das Publikum with a spectacle at the Eddie the Eagle Museum.

Pinar & Viola
Pinar&Viola is an independent graphic design duo that creates hyper detailed surfaces by ‘scanning’ the contemporary visual culture, and ‘printing’ ecstatic surfaces in return. In their surfaces they explore the world as an over designed and aestheticized realm. This is revealed in the artificial form of their work, as well as in it’s devotion to precision and it’s entirely constructed condition. Decoration is a functional and autonomous facet in Pinar&Viola’s practice, existing as a stylistic element and as a subject matter at the same time. At The Restaurant at the End of the Universe the duo will show their Wiki Loves Art collages. www.pinar-viola.com.

Sachi Miyachi (Tokyo)
Sachi Miyachi’s work consists mainly of three-dimensional installations, drawings and performances. She is inspired by the conflicting relationship between environment, technology and the human body and how these relationships delimit the efficiency of an urban structure. After studying anthropology, philosophy and art at the Wako University in Tokyo she came to the Netherlands in 2004 where she attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Her sculptures are sometimes enormous, but always skillfully and precisely made processing structures for ‘forgotten memories”. www.sachimiyachi.com
Dimitri C. Madimin (Rotterdam 1975)
Dimitri Madimin is a versatile artist working within all areas of the arts. As well as being a visual artist and a musician, he also produces music, curates exhibitions and works as a dj. He was the initiator of the Rotterdam Transformerz , founder of the AIR (Artist In Residence) and agency ‘I Love Kiss’, even as Slave. On The Restaurant at the End Of The Universe he will show his art as well as his dj-skills. www.whichslaveare.blogspot.com

Erik Alkema (Groningen 1974)
Is a visual artist who works with video, puppets, props and stories.
He sees himself as a storyteller, yet with the unconventionality of being a storyteller who has a big conflict with the limitations of language. Driven by this frustration at the ineffectiveness that words sometimes posses in defining our experience of the world he chooses rather to speak in images. His art gives us the opportunity to look and see again beyond the spoken word. Besides his autonomous work, Erik also works as an art teacher at various schools, works as an illustrator and curates and organizes exhibitions. www.erikalkema.com

Keez Duyvez – PiPS:lab
Keez is besides being a mad scientist., an inventor, a visual artist and a founding member of PiPS:lab: a multidisciplinairy group blending music, theatre, film and comedy into absurd media theatre, interactive installations and surprise acts. A PiPS:lab production never fits the expectations.
Keez has invented amongst many other things drawing parrots and lights. He travels the world with his tricks and kicks and will come straight from Rio to give a performance at the Eddie the Eagle Museum. www.pipslab.org

Koos Verhoeff (Den Haag 1927)
Koos Verhoeff is a Mathematician, Computer Scientist and Visual Artist.
After studying at the Universities of Leiden and Amsterdam, he went on to work at the Mathematical Center in Amsterdam (1952-1957) and the Delft University of Technology. When Verhoeff worked at the Mathematical Center in Amsterdam, Dutch artist M.C. Escher frequently visited there to research many of the mathematical principles he applied to his work. Inspired by Escher, Verhoeff became interested in the great potential for mathematical applications to artwork. After his retirement from the university in 1988, Verhoeff began devoting his time to the discovery and development of artistic structures based on geometric principles. His work is exhibited nationally and internationally and a number of his artworks are displayed in public spaces.

Marjolijn Stappers
Stereo Graphic designer Marjolijn Stappers combines graphic techniques with various disciplines. This is reflected in posters, books, prints, 3D models and installations.
A multifunctional installation that will be on view at The Restaurant at the End of The Universe is the Spin Cake Machine. This is a pancake maker, formally known as grinder, that produces pancakes at such a speed that they fly off the rails. www.marjolijnstappers.nl

Roel Wouters en Luna Maurer
Roel Wouters is a conditional designer who lives and works in Amsterdam. Since 2002, he has been running Xelor, his own studio. Studio Xelor works across all media, and mostly in the field of arts and culture. For the past few years he has been teaching interactive and graphic design courses at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, the Sandberg Institute and recently at Yale University School of Art. Roel likes to collaborate. Together with Luna Maurer, Jonathan Puckey and Edo Paulus he has authored the Conditional Design Manifesto, a manifesto that promotes the idea of designing conditions rather than end results. www.xelor.nl