Eddie the Eagle Museum – Geschichte der Nacht – 5 t/m 6 februari

Eddie the Eagle Museum – Geschichte der Nacht – 5 t/m 6 februari

de aankondiging van Eddie

Eddie is weer wakker, of gaat ie nou slapen? In de nacht van 5 op 6 februari gebeuren er umheimlische en donkere dingen in het Poortgebouw van de Tolhuistuin. Dit Poortgebouw vertelt dan verhalen over de Nacht …. Wat precies is altijd de vraag bij Eddie, maar onderstaand bericht en programma kwamen we tegen op facebook … En de ervaring uit het verleden leert dat het toch wel altijd heel erg leuke feestjes zijn bij Eddie ….

Eddie The Eagle

Geschichte der Nacht – zaterdag 5 februari om 20:00 – 06 februari om 5:30

Freed from coercion; nothing compels us to identify; nothing moves us to compassion. Surround us with cloak-and-dagger music, morbid sculptures and expired pin-ups, life-lost poets and
inimitable drafts. Coal black night! Light up the circus of shadows!

Geschichte der nacht


Steven de Peven // PIPSLAB (NL)
Is a centipede DJ talent. He spins electro, techno, broken beats, but also styles like jazz, rare grooves and Latin. He won with his Djazzedelic-night the “Golden Gnome” award. With the electro-chemical formation General Electric, he won the audience award at ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland’. He also has his own record
label ‘Zephons mom’ and is part of the successful hip-hop collective ‘Red Nose District’ and multi media hooligans ‘PiPSlab’. But there is more, Steven de Peven is the proud owner of a home made pointing stick collection, with which he exhibited in ‘de Brakke Grond’ and other locations. The point at yourself stick
costs only 350 euro. http://www.myspace.com/joedemazzel

Wasted Years of Pumping Iron (NL)
They come from the dark corners of the rainbow. A force like a train through a desert, leaving a trace of destruction that reeks of bloody sex. A bare-chested tale of brotherhood, comradely and rock & roll. If Bacchus was a truck driver, this is what he would be listening to. www.miktorenmolf.nl

Branko Galoic (1973, CRO)
Began his career as a street musician; he travelled through Europe and fell in love with Amsterdam. Last year he founded the ‘Skakavac Orkestar’ an orchestra consisting of musicians from different countries, each with their own contribution to the music. This diversity of nationalities creates a unique sound;
expect a mix of Latin, Jazz, Rap, Balkan, Klezmer and more. True to his Balkan background, music is mostly inspired by traditional gypsy music from ex-Yugoslavia. At ‘Geschichte der Nacht’ Branko will be accompanied by a violinist: Stefanos Sekerogloua, with whom he will rock your socks off in the Eddie the Eagle Museum! http://www.myspace.com/brankogaloic

Marshmallow Cubicle (VEN, UK)
This fantastic duo formed in Amsterdam in the year 2005 when Pino met Fly, and they began playing together. With they’re passion for beats and experimental abstractness there was never a single bass player that could fit into this fantastic ensemble, so they decided to remain a duo. And its good they did.
Their music varies from R&B and hard rocking beats, to melodic, paradisiacal, and classical impressionist spheres. In the Eddie the Eagle Museum they’re going to jam… You have to hear it to experience it! www.myspace.com/vinzentpC

DJ VanHeemstra&Laurens-Nelissen
Dj Collective Wezermat 3600 XL


Romke Hünd (NL 1975)
Dial twice and you got a date.
At this Eddie the Eagle event Romke will install 16 classical dial telephones that are connected within their own intimate network. Dial a number from 11 to 26 and you will be talking to someone you may not know but who is however in the same space or environment. So when you get scared in the night without a narrative and you want to call the police, you might find your perfect lover.

Wayne Horse (DE 1981)
The, from origin German, Wayne Horse began to make street art as a teenager, but has broadened his horizon considerably ever since; he makes films, animations, murals, installations, huge dolls based on his drawn characters and he does performances. He has acclaimed a lot of success with his work and exhibited at the GEM in Den Haag, Museum Jan Cunen, the Venice Bienale and Paradise Row in London. One of Wayne’s films: ‘The Ill-mannered Milkman’ is about a motorcyclist who sweats milk that is more addictive than heroin, and melts the flesh of your bones and people wearing latex masks then roll around in it. His work is schmutzig! It’s nice. Currently he’s attending de Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. http://www.waynehorse.com/

Eric Von Robertson (USA 1976)
Working in Amsterdam and from the U.S. Kansas City has projects and exhibitions all over the world to his name. He is mostly interested in making installations, which, according to himself do the most justice in the city’s open air. His psychedelic structure ‘Recon-Screen’ seems a fence at first glance, but when you pass this controversial spinning sculpture it will attract and repel you at the same time. And that’s what Von Robertson really likes.

Cirque Karbonkel (FR)
The genesis of Cirque Karbonkel was inevitable. In a time, long before this very month a man called Jef trained his rat, Karbonkel, to jump a ring of fire. Lots of enthusiasm followed and he became famous all over the world. Despite his grave success something was missing, something just wasn’t there. For decades he travelled the globe to find this missing link and succeeded in September 2010. At an old lousy café in Southern France he met Coen, the perfect director for the show. Together they created Cirque Karbonkel in order to tremble the world with filthiness and fun. At the Eddie the Eagle Museum they will even enlarge their act with the presence of 2 tiger-ladies and a fire-spitting act!

Jasper van den Brink (NL 1968)
His work consists of films, videos and interventions in public space. He studied at the ‘Chicago Art Institute’ (1994), the ‘Gerrit Rietveld Academy’ and at the ‘Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten’. And if that isn’t enough he did residencies in Stockholm and Japan. In 2002 he showed at ‘Manifesta 4’ (Frankfurt). In 2003 he was awarded the second prize in the Film &
Video category of the ‘Prix de Rome’.

Is a quadruplet, semi-anonymous, often cat-masked artist collective that is based in Brooklyn. There may be no better crowd-pumpers than Cheryl out there. A four-pieced performance art troupe that lead outrageous marathon masquerades billed as “the dance party that will ruin your life.” CHERYL’s video and performance work has been featured through various installations and events with the ‘Museum of Modern Art’, ‘MoMa PS1’, the ‘Whitney Museum of American Art’, the ‘Brooklyn Museum’, the ‘Bruce High Quality Foundation’ and ‘Eyebeam Art and Technology Centre’. http://cherylwillruinyourlife.info/

Bonno van Doorn (NL 1977)
Graduated from the ‘Rietveld Academy’ with a life – size F16 made of wood; a tribute to the hobbyist. His installations can be described as a collection of beautiful ugliness, existing statues transformed into monsters, everyday items that are scattered through space, sloppy graffiti adorns the walls, taped mannequins and more craziness: you just don’t know where to look. Bonno’s work is playful and mocking, he has gay pink shirts with the words ‘’Fuck Marc Bijl”. And in “The Love Erasers” Damien Hirst his skull got a gum makeover. Many a brow will also be raised by Bonno’s Photoshop skills. http:/doornstruik.wordpress.com http://www.bonnovandoorn.com/

Lotje van Lieshout (NL 1980)
Lotje is a visual artist who graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie with a stunning paper house film, ‘A world of Make-Believe’, in this film an actress plays in a decor made of paper black and white copies of movie stills from the post-war Hollywood classics. She still mostly works with video in combination with materials like fabric, paper, and rope. Her work has been shown all over the world and in 2008 she got awarded the Sybren Hellinga Prize.

Martha Benedikte Hjorth Jessen (DK 1983)
Martha is an installation artist; during her childhood she was very much influenced by her grandfathers. Both their professions – one an experimental chemical engineer, the other a violin maker – have influenced the way she works. She has a strong sense of material and construction and she works like a scientist questioning the known and accepted definitions within a certain context. Her works are conceptual, yet playful and often with a presence one is not likely to forget. She challenges the viewer with her works, which are wondrous hybrids of shape, material and perception.

Eddie the Eagle Museum
Tolhuisweg 2 1031CL
Amsterdam, Netherlands