Last Eddie the Eagle Party: HACKATHON

Voor de laatste keer dit jaar … Eddie the Eagle Strikes Again! Als snoepje en afterparty voor Apps for the Netherlands dat overdag wordt gehouden.

The future has found us! And its leader is a code. Our digitally hypnotised desire has led to a world without mistakes, governed by spyware and malware. Humanity is an experiment proved inferior. Let’s crack the code to correct it. Enter the Hackathon and exuberantly celebrate a world without errors! With high, low and no-tech, we are the new Trojan Horses marching in, ritually erasing the failings of the past. Let’s roughly and frantic lose our last human bit with a codefest in the Tower of the Shell.

we come as we clone ...

  • Dresscode: come as your clone

Music and Performance:

  • Pjotr van de Diepte
  • Jonas Ohlsson en Baba Electronica
  • Xavier van Wersch
  • Deftig en Schaduw
  • Femke Dekker & Nicole Martens – Strange Boutique
  • Rufus Ketting
  • SAFE SWIM (Father Futureback)
  • De grote Hans Zimmerman Goochel show

Visual Art:

  • Pinar & Viola
  • Zoro Feigl
  • Roos Menkman
  • Sander Veenhof
  • Anne Jan Reijn
  • Roel Wouters & Luna Maurer
  • Jonas Lund
  • Miktor & Molf
  • Guilherme Machiavelli – ‘I Will’
  • Erik Alkema
  • Jan Robert Leegte
  • Kristian de la Riva
  • Aukje Dekker
  • Sieto Noordhoorn
  • Arthur van Beek
  • Sjim Hendrix
  • Bas de Rond
  • Matthias Oostrik

Entrance fee €10 (including free cocktail & lottery ticket) form 21:00 – 04:00 hrs
The entrance fee is also to support the Eddie the Eagle Museum since we don’t do funding, we do parties to survive.
Sponsored by Campari, Stolichnaya, and Tulamore Dew.


From 10.00 till 21.00 ‘Apps for the Netherlands’ will take place at the Shell Toren Overhoeks. People from all over the world will come together and gather different types of governmental data with the intention of converting this information into apps open for the public.