My four favorite summer places in Amsterdam-Noord

Amsterdam Noord has been my home for a while now. The more I explore the neighbourhood, the more I fall in love with it. Here are my four favorite summer places in Amsterdam Noord and hopefully you will discover something for yourself as well or simply get inspired!

1. Enter wilderness: Schellingwouderbreek

For a stroll in the green, head to Schellingwouderbreek. I particularly like the wildly growing vegetation, the potholes in the cycling path surrounding the park, and the breek itself. A splendid place for a picnique with friends, a romantic rendezvous, or simply a nice swim on a hot summer’s day.

2. For adrenaline-junkies: Buiksloterdijk bridge

One is never too old to jump from a bridge .. into the water, but the experience is definitely worth it. It always is a joy to watch the kids competing against each other on the best jump or somersault into the water. And of course, if you feel like needing an adrenaline kick, go for a jump from the Buiksloterdijk bridge yourself. I did it and survived.

3. Cinema and waterside view: FC Hyena

If you fancy watching a good movie, away from the crowds, having a beer or good wine with friends or colleagues, head to FC Hyena. You won’t be sorry, since the view on the water, over the IJ, especially in the summer evenings, is spectacular.

4. Good beer in good company: Oedipus Brewery

Summer wouldn’t be the same without a good beer, which is why I like the laid-back atmosphere at Oedipus Brewery, where this particularly popular drink is brewed with care and love. The choice of craft beers can satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. It’s also worth checking for upcoming events at the brewery, where you can always get inspired, moved, or entertained.

This blogpost is written by Kalina Petkova for ilovenoord, read also her previous posts.