Summer in Noord: Skateboarding, camping, beer and cinema

What better way to celebrate summer than spend it with friends in Amsterdam-Noord. You have plenty of choice, from camping up to skateboarding. Grab your bag or backpack and go out and explore!

OPENING Skatepark Amsterdam-NOORD  (24th of July)

If you are into skateboarding or like the culture behind it, you would get very excited about the comeback of the skatepark in Amsterdam-Noord, simply called: ‘NOORD’. The spot opens on 24th of July, with a new location on Aambeeldstraat 12. On this day you can admire skate demos by some big names in skateboarding. For more news around the skatepark and the opening, check out NOORD on Instagram.

  • When: 24th of July – Free entrance from 14:00 hrs … SUPERMONDAY starts at 19:00 hrs
  • Where: Aambeeldstraat 12, Amsterdam
  • Price: free entrance on 24th

Camping in Noorderpark (21st-23rd of July)

De Buurtcamping  is a great way to meet and get to know your neighbours, and sleep under the stars. Also, for those of you who want to camp, meet new people and simply feel on holiday while in the city, it’s a good alternative. The price for a camping spot is 15,- Euros. You can, of course, just join one of the many activities (yoga, origami workshops, make-up demonstrations) or put up an activity yourself (sign up as a volunteer here). For more information, visit the website.

  • When: 21st of July-23rd of July
  • Where: Noorder Park, Floraparkweg 1, Amsterdam
  • Price: 15,- Euro/ camping spot

Pop-up cinema @ FC Hyena (27th of July, 3rd of August)

The program-cinema FC Hyena partners up with CineVille for 2 nights in July (27th) and August (3rd) with an outdoor pop-up screen by the water. The entrance is free and all you need to do is bring your own chair (I’m curious about the choice of chairs).

The screenings start at 20 hrs. For more information on the movies visit the facebook event.

  • When: 27th of July & 3rd of August
  • Where: FC Hyena, Aambeeldstraat 24, Amsterdam
  • Price: free entrance

Planet Oedipus (12th-13th of August)

If you are a beer fan, this one’s for you. During 2 days, Oedipus Brewery is putting up a music and beer fiesta, with beers from 10 different countries, which will be up for tasting and drinking at NoordOogst (a city-farming project and cultural space in Amsterdam-Noord). The food menu for the festival also looks promising, with a wide range to choose from pancakes to burgers. I am particularly looking forward to trying out the beers by international breweries, based in small towns or with some exotic names, such as Bevog Brewery (AT) or Cloudwater Brew Co (UK). For information on the music line-up, the music and food, check out the facebook event. Proost!

  • When: 12th of August-13th of August
  • Where: Meteorenweg 272, Amsterdam
  • Price: Sat or Sun, 15,- Euro + tasting glass/Full weekend ticket, 25,- Euro + tasting glass

This blogpost is written by Kalina Petkova for ilovenoord, read also her previous posts.