Rediscover Noord : Three initiatives that make Amsterdam-Noord even cooler

It is always fun to look at your neighbourhood from a different perspective, so here is a compilation of initiatives, which can make you rediscover Amsterdam-Noord.


BuurtBuik recently started operating in Amsterdam-Noord. The organization fights foodwaste, by collecting food from supermarkets and horecas and holding weekly free dinners for people in need. The idea of BuurtBuik is to bring together the local community and offer a place for exchange between neighbours from different backgrounds.

I love the idea of having the opportunity to know the people from your neighbourhood and fighting food waste at the same time. In addition to that you get to enjoy a tasty free dinner, prepared by the volunteers at BuurtBuik Noord.If you would like to get involved at one of the upcoming dinners (preparing or serving meals), or to provide a space for one, get in touch with BuurtBuik.


De Duurzame 100 van Noord

De Duurzame 100 van Noord aims to connect 100 makers, designers,creatives, businesses and initiatives that work in a sustainable way and are based in Amsterdam-Noord. One of the main goals is to create a network and help people in the neighbourhood to make business, shop and collaborate on a hyperlocal level.

The first step towards creating a sustainable community of entrepreneurs, freelances and locals is De Dag de Duurzame 100 van Noord, taking place on the 8th of October. To join the community or support the initiative, visit their website or follow the facebook page.

image: WNKL


Did you ever want to experience the sound of Amsterdam-Noord? Well, a piece of Noord (Vogelbuurt en IJplein) is in the audio tour by SoundtrackCity. You can do the tour only in Dutch for now, in a group or on your own (with your own phone).

For more information visit the website, where you can also download SoundtrackCitiy’s app and find out about the other sound walks they offer throughout Amsterdam (for some of them there are iPods and earphones available).

image: SoundtrackCity

This blogpost is written by Kalina Petkova for ilovenoord, read also her previous posts.